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Training Methodology


The training methodology at Pinpoint Fitness is scientific, focused and consistent. We emphasize on form, technique, & accuracy more than intensity and vigorous exercise. Training at Pinpoint is designed to help individuals improve in all of the Ten Elements of Fitness and progress one workout at a time.

Kids Fitness


Our Kids fitness classes are designed to build the kids' confidence before their fitness. The classes are composed of fun obstacle courses & fitness-themed games designed to improve the kids' Coordination, Mental Focus, Stability, Strength & Speed. During the class, we measure & track the kids' performance and encourage them to compete with themselves and break their own previous records in each class. 

Trainers Who Understand


Our coaches are trained to set specific, measurable & time-based fitness goals that make the workouts beneficial & rewarding in every class. 

Our coaches always strive to make classes enjoyable & engaging as we believe having fun working out is key to staying motivated & achieving your fitness goals.


Kids Fitness

All You Need To Know

Class Design
During the class, the kids will attempt various obstacle courses & physical challenges (which keep changing every class) that are scored & tracked. After every attempt, the kids will be guided on the best way to tackle the obstacle course to improve their score in the later attempts.  The obstacle courses & physical challenges include but are not limited to: Jumping over obstacles & crawling under others, pulling & pushing objects of different sizes & shapes, balance walking, hanging using upper body strength as well as running and various other physical activities.


The Kids Fitness class helps boost the kids’ confidence and induces the following noticeable improvements:

- Better Coordination

- Improved Motor Skills & Cognitive Function

- Increased Focus & Attention Span

- Increased Food Appetite 

- Building Competitive Spirit 

- Better Sleep Patterns 

Age Groups

The kids fitness class is offered everyday of the week. There are 3 different age groups for the Kids Fitness class that are split in 3 different timings.
 Group 1: 4 to 6 years
 Group 2: 6 to 10 years
 Group 3: 11+ years (teens)


1 session = 130 AED

12 sessions package (with no time limit) = 1000 AED

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7th September 2019

3rd Kids Fitness Championship: BACK TO SCHOOL

11:00 AM - 1:00 PM

Palm Jumeriah, The Pointe

Event Details

7th September 2019

3rd Kids Fitness Championship: BACK TO SCHOOL

Join us on Saturday the 7th of September for our 3rd Kids Fitness Championship. We will have the following titles to be crowned:

  • Fittest Boy ...

Event Details

11:00 AM - 1:00 PM

Palm Jumeriah, The Pointe